Purple Basil?

by Sara Camplin

Yes. Purple basil. It's like regular basil, but purple. The flavour is slightly spicier and less sweet than Genovese Basil. 

How do you use Purple Basil?

Purple basil can be used in various ways. You can use it as a toping on pizza, make pesto with it, or our personal favourite- tomatoes, topped with fresh mozzarella and garnished with purple basil. This basil variety pairs well with olive oil, eggplant, pasta, and tomatoes. 

Will it grow back?

Yes. Unlike our other microgreens, Purple Basil will continue to grow if you leave it long enough. If you cut it at the base, it will not continue to grow. The best way to keep it coming back is to let it grow in a window sill for a few weeks and take only a few leaves off at a time. You will need to water it every few days. The best way to know how much water to give it is by feeling the weight of the container. If the container is too light, the basil needs water. If it is too heavy and there is water dripping out of the bottom, do not water the basil. 

What are the Health Benefits of Purple Basil?

Purple basil is packed with Vitamin K, which helps your bone strength and with blood clotting. The nutrients in Basil can also help boost your immune system.